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Peli-Can Air Gun Products


Here is one of my new products for the air gun industry. Air guns are seeing a huge growth

in popularity due to the new magnum air guns being produced and over 30 states in America

opening up small game as legal to hunt with air guns. Some states are allowing varmints

including coyote and wild hogs. There are now air rifles up to .45 caliber shooting lead bullets

over 1000 fps. Add to that some of these air guns are made with silencers which do not

require a special permit and you have the perfect back yard plinker and stealthy hunting

gun that is extremely cheap to shoot. I grew up shooting a .22 Crossman pellet gun and

always hated the tin cans the pellets came in. 40 some years later nothing has changed.

The pellets are still sold in the same tin cans. I have designed a clear acrylic dispenser which

will hold a whole days shooting worth of any caliber pellet up to .45 caliber or even .22LR

ammo, which is worn by a lanyard around your neck or attached to a belt loop and stuck

in the small change pocket of your jeans. A quick look shows how many pellets are left or

what caliber and brand pellet is contained. With a little wiggling motion the pellets align

themselves in the tube and can be easily dispensed one at a time. No more messing with

the noisy tin pellet cans in the field. Please take a look at the pictures and let me know what

you think. 




Also take a look at our line of Accu-Riser cheek pads and cheek risers. We sell quite a few for use

on Air Rifles

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