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Next event I will be at is the Southern SxS classic at Deep River Sporting clays in Sanford NC April 23rd thru 26th. 


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New Rifle added 7/26/2014 to our used guns and accoutrements page above. 

 Original 1840 - 1850 Era Peter and David Moll rifle, Hellertown PA  percussion rifle. $2400 OBO



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  Thank You for visiting our website. As you can see we offer a variety of products from our exclusive line of copywrited Accu-Riser cheek pads and comb risers , to our custom made Leather goods for blackpowder gun collectors, reinactors, Muzzleloader hunting, Shotgun shooters and other shooting and personal leather gear. Just click on the category on the left side of the page to view and order the products. Please keep in mind the prices all include the shipping to you. Look into the gallery pages to see our products being used .Please come back to our website as we are constantly adding new items and categories. And sign up for our newsletter telling of our activities where we will be attending and of new products  we are introducing. If you have any questions or requests on our products, please feel free to contact us by email or phone717-249-5977  Monday thru Friday 8-5 Eastern Standard Time                    




We are now offering our muzzleloading and shooting products in new leather that has a distinct primative look and  we have teamed up with a tannery to produce this custom tannage to our specifications to give our products the real look of primative tanned and colored leathers more commonly found in hand tanned and constructed custom bags which bring much higher prices. We invite you to compare our quality of materials and construction with anyone making custom leather Hunting and shooting bags and you will see our products are the best value .


                                        MUZZLE LOADING LEATHER GOODS





  Our line of muzzle loading leather Possibles Bags and muzzle loading accessories is our main business and continues to grow with the continued interest in the arts and crafts of the Pennsylvania Long rifle and associated accoutrements of the 17th, 18th and 19th century’s. We have supplied countless hunters, re-enactors and collectors since 1997 with authentic representations of this American and European art form. We have our leather custom tanned to our specifications then each bag is hand antiqued to give the look and feel of the products as they were made back when so they look the part when worn in period cloths. We are now useing a custom tanned cowhide in our products and machine sew them with heavy nylon thread so the product can be used and will last a life time to pass on to another generation. Our customers tell us their bags get better looking with age. All hardware is solid brass or solid iron.  See our activities page to see what trade fairs and shoots we will be attending as a vendor.  Send us a picture of you using one of our products and we will post it in the gallery page. Click on the product related category on the left side of the page to view all our products.


                                              SHOTGUN LEATHER BAGS





 We have been traveling to skeet, trap and Shotgun Sporting Clay events the last six years to develop a line of shotgun shooting bags and shotgun leather accessories. This is an ongoing project to come up with our own distinct product line, unlike the products found in the sport today. We are encouraged to find a customer base who appreciates fine leather products in a market dominated by nylon and canvas. We have developed our line from suggestions from shooters like you useing our custom tanned leathers which truly sets them apart from the average commercial offerings. We offer custom labeling for corporate leagues and personalized initials on most of our shell bags.  Please come back to our website as we definitely will be adding more to this category in the future. Click on the Shotgun category on the left to see all our shotgun related products. 


We have the most complete and diverse line of copywrighted Cheek pads and Comb risers to cover most applications for the hunter, target shooter and tactical user. A proper cheek weld when sighting through a scope is critical to properly align your eye with the center of the scope to allow for a clear field of view and eliminate any parallax as most scopes parallax is set at one given distance. Having a proper fitting stock allows one to always have the same sighting alignment which allows for a correct sight alignment for precision shooting whether it be on the bench or out in the field. Having a proper cheek weld to the stock also eliminates creeping on the stock which results in scope to head contact on heavy recoiling rifles. There are too many variables when fitting a rifle / scope combination to an indivigual as not all scopes, rifles, mounts and people have the same dimensions. Mounting the proper height cheek pad to obtain the correct line of sight will greatly improve your shooting without expensive alterations to your guns stock. Our line of copyrighted fixed and adjustable versions of cheek pads to allow you to get the proper height you need on your particular gun. Click on the Accu-Riser cheek pad category on left side of page to see all our cheek pads we have to offer.




 Our neoprene cheek pad has been a winner in the shotgun shooting sport helping many people needing just a little more height to get a proper fit to their shotgun. Helps cushion the recoil too for a day’s toll of clay bird shooting with a heavy recoiling gun. We are also selling a tactical version to law enforcement agencies to help their officers in training and qualifying with heavy recoiling shotguns. Take a look at the gallery for applications on different rifles and shotguns. Send us your pictures of our pads on your gun and we will post it. Click on the Accu-riser Cheek pad category on left side of page to see all our cheek pads. 



Congrats to Jacoby Miller on his first Buck in PA 2014 season. Jacoby used this H&R single shot rifle with our CR-6000 ambedextrious cheek pad to raise the comb high enough to use the red dot optic his Grand father installed on the gun. Send us your pictures of your weapon useing our cheek pads and we will post it on our wall.